Bones ~ PaidProgramming2

This new album from Bones took me by surprise at first. After his last project Useless, I didn’t think he could put out anything that would top it, but then he put out this album and I don’t think there is a song on this that isn’t a banger.

There are so many different tracks which showcase the ability of this artist, from the rage that is PeteyPablo to Rocks which is so flowy and clean, it sets a whole vibe that Bones is going to bring the heat. The 24 track set is a very original, lyrically cohesive work which is well done through and through. Production quality is top notch, pieces like YouAreNotNeeded,NoneOfUsAre  show how much Bones cares about the quality of his projects, not just putting out lyrical bangers.

PaidProgramming2 is the continuation of Bones’ success, and in my opinion opens the artist to gather a larger following under his own original style. Look out for Bones in the future, he’s going places.


~ Shane