Major Van Winkle – Bars Are Easy, Songs Are Not

Major Van Winkle continues his stream of summer singles with “Bars Are Easy, Songs Are Not”.

Over a crisp set of keys, the track showcases Major’s rhyming and lyrical ability while keeping up some energetic flows. The simplistic chorus pairs perfectly with the instrumental to bring together an old school, East Coast feel. The final verse remixes the breezy beat for a more modern feel with added kicks and pace. The video also stays with MVW’s visual style, adding spliced lyrics and psychedelic effects from post-production.

It’s been a long shout from Major’s debut Push Pushin’ EP but the East Coast emcee has been stayed active and appears to be enjoying his string of individual releases, maintaining a firm grasp on his own directive.

For more, check out Major Van Winkle’s recent releases “Satisfied” and “Back Home” as well as his fantastic 2015 production “Love In A Loop” as it approaches 12 months of being unfortunately slept on.

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By Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly