Felly – Young Fel EP [Track-By-Track Review]



I think releasing an EP is one of the best moves an up-and-coming artist can make. With less room for error than an album, creating a 7-8 track project gives an artist the perfect chance to not only solidify their sound, but to make a piece of work that truly represents them – front to back.

For an artist like Felly who has been touring the country and generating impressive numbers online while simultaneously creating his own sound and style, this EP comes at a time which many people are still generating their opinions on the young Connecticut-raised and California-based artist. And to be completely honest, after hearing these eight tracks, I’m not sure how you can’t be a fan of the guy.

Come Around Ma

In the first track of the project, Felly and fellow 2273 Records artist Gyyps link up to produce a wavy, piano driven instrumental complete with some absolutely infectious organ chords throughout the record. We are also introduced to auto-tune Fel, as the vocal effect used on this record is something we haven’t heard from him in the past. I personally think it fits his voice perfectly and that it sounds unique enough to stand out from any generic T-Pain sounding auto-tune that grows old after a few minutes. Come Around Ma is the perfect track to start off the EP and will surely make you move.

Blue Velour

If you were riding with Felly when he used to rap over his Machine beats on YouTube in his bedroom, you’ll dig this track. On the DJ Grumble-produced instrumental, Young Fel spits some laidback bars, making for a very chill record. Not to mention, there’s a pretty epic voicemail towards the end of the song from one of Felly’s inebriated friends.

Desert Eagle (feat. GYYPS)


The third track on the Young Fel EP is Desert Eagle, the first single released from the project. Featuring frequent collaborators GYYPS and D.R.O., this is without a doubt the standout song on the EP. Felly starts off with a few hard verses, eventually going back and fourth with GYYPS which makes for a very unique sound and proves both of their lyrical abilities. I have a feeling this song will do some insane numbers and will hopefully be getting a visual sometime soon.

Chicago Nights

Whenever you see YOG$ name on a track, you know it’s about to be some flame. Felly once again shows off his vocal abilities on this track, singing a very catchy, melodic hook. Not to mention, the final verse on this track is one of my favorite Felly verses ever, and probably my favorite on the EP. Paying homage to one of his favorite cities, Chicago Nights is one of the strongest songs on the project and has an ill vibe.


The transition from Chicago Nights to Business is my favorite transition on the EP, with the fifth track bringing more energy than any song in Felly’s discography. Felly’s in-your-face verses combined with GYYPS’ fantastic ad-libs create one of the most feel-good songs of the summer. Business gives Felly’s lyrical abilities some shine, including a dope-ass line that might be my favorite Fel lyric yet, “Keep my hands tight praying to a God that I don’t know”.

Slim Thick

Felly slows things down for a bit with a slow track perfect for a blunt cruise (if you’re into that kind of thing). On the Walter Warm-produced track, Fel notes the progress he’s made (“Had dreams of doing this since I was 12, had the MPC with the Mac, now it’s late nights in hotels”). Reflecting on his life and the changes he’s gone through, Felly really shines on this track.

Very Special

Once again teaming up with GYYPS, the 2273 artists prove why they’re one of the most versatile and original teams in hip-hop. This track gives off good vibes all around and even gives you a look into Felly’s checking account (“Some 50k from selling beats”, holy shit).

I Really Need It


This track was the second single released off the EP and shines just as much on the project as it did as a single. On the melodic track, Felly experiments pretty heavily with auto-tune, which I really dig. Once again, he manages mix his signature sound with the effect, which compliments his voice perfectly on this record. I wouldn’t be surprised if this song blows up soon. Between the catchy hook and hard verse towards the end, this song is very complete.


The Young Fel EP is Fel’s best work yet. From the production to the experimentation to the album artwork, this is album pushes boundaries the perfect amount and is therefore full of hits from top to bottom.

You cannot deny Felly’s influence and the style he’s created. The progression he’s made over the past few years has been incredible, and he still manages to out do himself with every release. With a sound so unique yet so appealing, I know we’ll be hearing Felly’s music for a while.

Be sure to purchase the Young Fel EP on iTunes and check back soon for more from Felly!



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