Brothers From Another – Love The Band



Brothers From Another bring some late summer energy to the weekend with their new single, “Love The Band”.

Since the release of their 2015 LP This Summer the Seattle crew has kept moving, both on the road and online via early 2016 singles. With the one-year anniversary of their debut project in the rear-view, “Love The Band” brings some rejuvenating summer vibes from the Pacific Northwest we’ve come to love from the crew.

The track includes production from familiar face Nima Skeemz who excels in delivering instrumentally-fluent, upbeat sounds with BFA’s funk fusion style. A well-deserved outro fades the lights on the energizing track that features confident flowing verses from both emcees – and fire vocab words.

Check out BFA’s previous drops including fiscally-responsible stoner jam “Extra Change” and adventure anthem “Dirty Chuck Taylors“.

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By Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly

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