Chris Buxton releases Condo 8 EP [REVIEW]


Chris Buxton is an artist who continues to impress on a consistent basis, his latest project is nothing but that same success he has brought to his previous tracks.

After becoming a part of Penthouse Music earlier this year, Buxton has shown unlimited potential for what he can bring to the music game. Condo 8 is an extension of Buxton’s ability to take dope instrumentals and combine them with his person flow and make it into a song which is all around great. This 5 song piece provides some really interesting and unique works which are neither repetitive or dry, Buxton keeps it fresh.



‘Condo to the penthouse, man that shit changed.’

In Condo 8’s opening track, Buxton provides a really wavy beat and vibe, but the main takeaway from this song is Chris’ lyrical talent as he flows over the song. Overall he has some great lines and a solid hook, the intro to the EP gives you a solid look at the music that Buxton is about. I really enjoy the way this project opens, it shows what the artist can do with his words and production.


In Too Deep [ft. 12AM]

‘Had to calculate my methods, all I ever bring is truth.’ 

This is the song to listen to if you want to see how well Chris Buxton can put out a track where he goes off on two, one minute verses where he kills it. His lyrics mesh well with the instrumental on this track and the collab with 12AM really brings this song to a new level. Buxton has proven himself since he first appeared on COM that he can flow on any track you put him on and this is a prime example.



‘Imma ride this wave till I reach that pier, hope I just don’t drown.’

Buxton slows it down in this piece. A nice change of pace, Chris really has to switch up how he goes about this song compared to the previous two. He does it in a way where I see how he cares about how he sounds on songs and doesn’t want to have the same, generic sound on all his tracks and it gives this song more value.


Moments [prod. Omito] 

‘Livin’ in these moments, swear they never last.’ 

Released back in July, Moments was just another one of Buxton’s excellent singles, but now it fits well into the mix of songs on Condo 8. I enjoyed the two different sounds Buxton seems to have in each half of the song; It’s subtle, the way he picks up his pace in the second half and it adds a lot of variety to an excellent track.



‘I be on a new track, kill it with my whole team.’

Condo 8 ends with in what my opinion is the best song on the entire EP. Chris ends his project with an absolute banger, there’s some excellent bars and the whole vibe of the song is upbeat. This all comes together with the addition of bass and how it amps the entire track up, Times was an excellent song to finish off this EP.