Felly – Desert Eagle (feat. Gyyps)

After defining itself as one of the songs of Summer ’16, Felly’s Desert Eagle gets the visual treatment we’ve all been waiting for.

The 2273 family travels to the Wild Sest in search of the Slime Monster and simoltaneously creates one of the dopest music videos I’ve seen in a while. Felly’s creativity is never lacking, as each and every one of his music videos has had its own unique vibe. However, the Jack Craymer-directed video has more of a storyline than any of Fel’s previous visuals. Not to mention, where else can you find animated burritos and bowls of rice in a music video?

@FellyTheKid // @_Gyyps



After a near-death experience involving three grizzly bears & two Cambodian strippers, Liam made a life-changing decision to venture into the music world. Follow him on Twitter at @doyouknowLIAM for an endless supply of mediocre tweets.