Cosmos & Creature – Young


Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore have created a pop-powerhouse with Cosmos & Creature. The two solo artists have been concentrated on their respective careers – both releasing quite a body of music within the past few months, but recently took time to drop the first official Cosmos & Creature single, Young.

After appearing on a number of electronic tracks, remixes and covers, the Los Angeles-based duo took to Pigeons & Planes to debut the radio-ready single. On Young, Burnette and Moore team up to bring us an anthem focused on the concept and reality of growing up. The progressive track is one of the most appealing and cohesive pop songs I’ve heard this year. The release of Young marks the start of something special for Cosmos & Creature. Listen to the track above and keep an eye out for more from Brandyn & Molly.

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