Justin Stone – “Don’t Hassle Me, I’m Local” [EP]


Just a few moments ago, COM regular Justin Stone released his latest body of work, Don’t Hassle Me, I’m Local– a 5 song extended play.

Justin sent me the project a few hours prior and the consensus that I came to was that this is a new, more cohesive sound for the Ohio emcee. Revamping his old (yet classic) vibe-heavy sound with more upbeat, high energy production, Justin shows great improvement in this project. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it.

After a couple listens, my favorite track has to be Steal Your Heart. Justin’s vocal performance on this one is stellar; showing off a variety of flows and melodies over the duration of both his verses. Glenn Travis features on this one (the only feature on the project) and crushes the hook to complete what is a complete anthem.

Support Justin by purchasing the project on iTunes here for only $3.99. If your budget doesn’t allow for a solid collection of pop-rap songs, we will update this article with the Spotify player when it is available.

~Matt Aiello


Matt Aiello