Tiggs Da Author – Swear Down feat. Yungen

Tiggs Da Author continues a precisely executed run of singles with new “Swear Down” release.

The track  features the London singer’s soulful inclusion of musical influences along with his romantic and refined style. It is superb to see Tiggs getting major label backing on his recent series of tracks as he exemplifies some of the best that the UK has to offer  – throwback to his 2013 appearance on Sway’s “No Sleep“.  Across his major releases – including “Georgia” and “Run” – we’ve heard an impressive range of Tiggs’ vocal ability, commanding great melodies at any tempo.

“Swear Down” also brings on a polished look from Yungen, who has most recently drawn headlines from his grime scene dust ups with Chip. The emcee’s verse is controlled and well-executed to the song’s atmosphere, while he does draw laughs from the YouTube critics for his “man will run him down” bar – Yungen was captured running off from a Nandos, the subject of Chip’s popular “Peri Peri Sauce” diss track.

No announcement of a full length project has been planned as Tiggs continues his slow burn build-up onto the main stage in the UK and abroad. Be sure to check out previous hits on “Georgia” and “Run” if you haven’t already.

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By Robert Kelly


Robert Kelly