Local Natives’ New Album “Sunlit Youth” Goes Back to the Basics

Local Natives’ new album “Sunlit Youth” solidifies the band’s place in the new Indie Rock culture.  With the release of this album, the band reinforces their style and asserts domination over the Indie Rock realm of music.  The album is extremely vivid and every song carries its own strong symbolism that challenges the listener.  The harmonies in the album’s songs spur that mysterious feeling of peaceful wholesomeness that every Local Natives fan can recognize.  If you haven’t heard their music before I guarantee that you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the band’s music.  One of my favorite qualities about the band is their consistency throughout their live and acoustic performances.  This band is just as good as they sound on their tracks.  That’s special.  Enjoy one of my favorite songs from the album– “Past Lives”