OnCue – Sip

Not to say that he was ever gone, but OnCue is most certainly back. After releasing the masterpeice that was the 3AM video, Cuey has a brand new record for our ears. OnCue tackles a mellow instrumental courtesy of Brenton Duvall and Maki, to bring us the second single off of his upcoming EP. On the laidback record, Cuey sings “I don’t got a problem, I just drink away my problems” to emphasize the fact that sometimes you just need a Sip.

Cuey’s melodic verses mix well with the classic hook, coming together to create a vibe that can only be created by the Connecticut-bred, Brooklyn-based artist. Listen to the brand new track above and pre-order You Knew All Along to get an instant download of the EP’s lead singles.

Connect with OnCue: @OnCue


by: Liam


After a near-death experience involving three grizzly bears & two Cambodian strippers, Liam made a life-changing decision to venture into the music world. Follow him on Twitter at @doyouknowLIAM for an endless supply of mediocre tweets.