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The Blanket Truth


After unleashing three singles off the project throughout this past year, Jared Evan is finally here with his first commercial-release, The Blanket Truth. After previously being signed to a major record contract, Jared has been putting in his work independently for years, and has delivered some amazing records both as a solo artist and a frequent collaborator. With more experience than most under his belt, Evan’s new album is a statement. Between the lyricism and impeccable vocals, these ten tracks are the best we’ve heard from the New York-based artist. By mixing rap and R&B and Soul into one, Evan truly has one of the most unique sounds out there.

Below is a track-by-track review for the project. Jared Evan is a name you’ll be hearing a lot soon if you’re not familiar already. The Blanket Truth has been charting on iTunes lately and is off to a great start. Stream the album above and read our track-by-track review below.


1. Role Model

To start off the project, Jared turns to one of the project’s strongest tracks, Role Model. Starting off with a telling verse, Evan turns to his older-self for some advice. Jared tells us of his insecurities (“Am I wrong when my records play? Do I know what a friendship is and what my future’s like and if my girl will stay?”) and takes the rest of the track to repeat the optimistic hook, which will surely be stuck in your head after one listen. Role Model is a brutally honest track which touches upon the doubts and concerns we all face at times. The inspiring record does a great job of defining the project and, therefore, makes the perfect intro-track.

2. Kids Forever

Kids Forever was released nearly a year ago, yet finds itself on Jared’s debut as it is one of his most beloved songs yet. Taking a few minutes to reminisce on his younger days, Evan longs for his childhood on the self-produced track. Despite the responsibilities that come with being an independent adult, it is possible to remain kids forever, as expressed beautifully on the hook (“No matter what they say, we can be stubborn as long as we want, because we’ll be Kids Forever”). Reminding us to never lose our youthful sides, Jared Evan truly does a spectacular job of expressing the fear of growing up on this record.

3. The End Game (feat. Allan Kingdom)

Teaming up with Canadian-bred rapper Allan Kingdom (you may recognize the name from Kanye West’s All Day), Jared delivers an up-beat, piano driven track, juxtaposing the rather somber start to The Blanket Truth. On the Architype-produced record, Jared questions his legacy, asking “When all is said and done now hoe, tell me how you gonna feel”. Complete with a sensational verse from Kingdom, you’ll be singing along to this track in no time.

4. Revive Me

Slowing things down once again, Jared Evan takes a few minutes to reflect upon the strength he’s gained from a certain someone. Though the song could be translated in multiple ways, it sounds to me as if he’s singing about his fanbase and the new life they’ve given him (“Lift me from the dirt I lie under, you put me back in first place”). Once again getting brutally honest on the track, Evan does a phenomenal job of expressing the fact that all it takes is one person or group of people to lift you up from a hard time. Demonstrating his newfound sense of hope, Revive Me is one of the most telling tracks found on this album. With progressive production, this song gets better with every second that passes, so be sure to bump this track until the very end.

5. Hourglass (feat. Lloyd)

When two of the industry’s best vocalists come together, amazing music is sure to be made. Jared takes the metaphor found within an hourglass and shapes this record with it, telling himself “Maybe if we saw our past through this hourglass, it wouldn’t be so cold”. With an hourglass comes uncertainty, which is something we all experience in our daily lives. Not ever knowing how much time we have left can be a very haunting thing, but Evan shines a light on the beauty found behind this aspect of life.

6. Cry

On The Blanket Truth‘s sixth track, Jared Evan tells us that it’s okay to cry. Complete with a synth solo and a lyrical rap verse from Evan, the personal track makes for a perfect transition into the second half of the album. Touching upon a personal experience through the words of his mother, Jared tells the listener how loss has affected his life and that despite the stigma, crying is an acceptable form of coping.

7. Big Brother

Being one of the project’s three previously released singles, Big Brother is one of the strongest and most emotional cuts on the record. Featuring production from !llmind, the instrumental was originally meant for a big-time artist, but found its way into Jared’s lap as he wrote to the track and realized it could be something special. Singing from the perspective of a young Jared Evan, this cut is clearly about the adoration Evan has for his older brother. Once again giving us an insight into his personal life, I really dig the story told by Jared on this track and consider it to be one of the project’s strongest songs.

8. Slow Rain

Though Jared’s signature sound is something that I look for on his records, I can always admire risk taking. On the eighth track, Evan demonstrates his versatility and takes on an instrumental with a progressive, electronic feel, something I have never heard from him. With a booming drop and airy vocals, this track is a stand out. The lack of vocals on this track was a great move, as it gives the production more room to shine. The guitar and hard-hitting drums give this track an amazing feel, and whoever produced this track deserves a ton of credit. With a standout instrumental and crisp vocals, this is a track you don’t want to skip.

9. The Blanket Truth

The title track on albums is always defining, and nothing is different on The Blanket Truth. Beginning with a strong verse touching upon his choice to leave college, Jared delivers one of the best composed, most songs on the album. With production reminiscent of a younger Kanye West, the groovy beat has just enough emotion and is completed with a really dope soundclip of Dustin Hoffman explaining “The Blanket Truth” in the 2004-film I Heart Huckabees.

10. Temporary

Finishing up the record, Jared Evan sets the tone for the final track in its first lyric “I got fired from my job today“. Though it starts off soft, the track builds into an inspiring and yet another beautifully produced song. Featuring some of Jared’s best vocals on the project, this song is perfect to end the record with.  The harmonies created towards the end of this track are one of the obvious reasons why Jared Evan’s music is some of the most distinct, extraordinary music in the game.

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